Pazar, Kasım 16, 2008

sth in foreign language - part I and ever

well.. how long has it been.. how many hours have been spent with you.. after so many hours of broken hearts.. so many heart breakers though I might as well be one of them.. how many have killed me or how many have I slayed.. since when have I lost my "absence" here... until..

"a man with curly letters in his name" stoppped in my way.. right after I had stopped to believe.. then I started to beliveve you ( for those who don't know much grammar: the verb "to start" takes both gerund or infinitive ........ hahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaa ) - but this was something else

he was something else..
someone else...

currently ...
at the moment ..
take all the synonyms that the present time has and multiply it with all the love I've got inside...
subtract the sons of bitches I had before..
add the salt.. add the pepper...

I have him...
and if there is ever to have me..
to dare to have me..
be able to possess me..
yes.. he owns me.

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cimcozz.. dedi ki...

really?? does he???

enteldantel dedi ki...

yes, he does.

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